Weekly Healthy Tips: Effects Of Leptin Hormone On The Body

effects-of-Leptin-hormoneThere are many health conscious people, who are constantly pestered with weight related problems. However, they are not in a position to find out the real reason as to how weight issues can be addressed properly, since there are several reasons for the individual to develop weight in their body.

Leptin hormone is basically one of the most active of all hormones present in the human body, whose function is to lose weight in both women and men. Losing weight at a quick pace is something that is to do with the above mentioned hormone. Therefore, it becomes important for the individual to understand the characteristics of the hormone and to ascertain how effectively it can lose weight quickly.

Its characteristics

lose-fat-and-keep-if-offBasically, there are two hormone levels present in the human body. Its division in the body could be uncertain. What is known is that higher Leptin levels tend to fasten process of metabolism inside females and males, which further quickens process of weight losing. But if the human body has lower amounts of Leptin levels, it helps to store excess fat, while making sure that it gets utilized in the right manner and to benefit the person concerned. There is a specific medium by which this hormone is known to transmit signals to the human body.

There is a difference which is said to lie in the signal’s efficiency, in regards to a female and male. The male’s body is about 3 times much more receptive to signals which are sent by the leptin hormone. On the contrary, amount of Leptin that is found in the females are about twice of the males.

Women find it tough to lose fat

It is a fact that women do find it tough to lose weight than men and it does take a long time to achieve the desired results. A condition called Leptin Resistance is present due to which women find it tough to burn their body fats at a quicker pace, when compared to men.

Even though women’s metabolic systems are less receptive than men by about three times, Leptin in women is two times of men. Leptin presence has been determined by detecting soft and squishy fat that bears cottage cheese shape. Basically, Leptin Resistance is one of the major two issues that hinder women’s weight loss capacity.

Another problem is said to take place at the time of dieting. Researches have proved that Leptin levels can be dropped by two times the rate that of men. Once there is a drop in hormone level, the metabolism rate tends to suffer huge breakdown. It has been seen that the Leptin levels actually do not hinder metabolism rate in men, especially when they go for diet plans.

Therefore, it is definitely a tedious job for women to shed their weight, when compared to men. However, with a balanced diet and adequate research conducted, it is very much possible to tackle the issue of weight and achieve the kind of figure that is long desired by the individual.